Barmak Firearms Training Is located in Orange County CA. Our instructors have different experience / background and cover a variety of training programs. Our spectrum of training includes private parties, LE and the corporate sector.  

Private and small group sessions:


Irons 101

Red Dot 101

Stop the bleed

CCW Prep

First Aid

OC Instructor: 

Instructor Lee teaches private one on one and small group classes in Orange County and surrounding areas.  All though he is an instructor, he is also an active student. Mr.Lee teaches first aid, stop the bleed, CPR, firearms safety, pistol 101 irons and pistol 101 red dot. Other firearm training is available upon request.  His background education is in Philosophy, Eastern European Relations, Administration of Justice and Emergency Management.

In the past he was certified by the NRA, USCCA, Red Cross and other agencies to instruct trainings in different fields.  

Other training is including but not limited to: Active shooter response, Executive protection, TCCC, and CRSO,