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Active Shooter Training in Orange County


Do you have a plan?

Has that plan been tested in a training scenario?

Do you have contact information for first responders?

Do you have secondary communications?

How do you identify friendlies in an event?

Who is responsible for what?

Do you have  security, has security gone through training?

How many in the organization have stop the bleed training?

Do you have tourniquets, and do you know how to use them?

What are the current safety measures in place?

These are all excellent questions to ask and if you are in the process of putting together a plan to counter an active shooter. We hope that these ten questions can help you better understand your current position. The big questions to ask if you are not sure about this training for your organization is the following:

If an active shooter situation was to happen right now, what do you think would happen if help did not arrive for ten minutes?

Training Instructor

Active Shooter Training (Schools and Corporate)

Red Cross First Aid Instructor

Background in Administration of Justice and Emergency Management

Certified California Guard Training

CARVER Certified Security Management International :  Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment

Executive Protection

FEMA: Surveillance Awareness

FEMA: Basic Workplace Security Awareness

FEMA: Incident Command System

FEMA: National Incident Management System

FEMA: Active Shooter: What You Can Do

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