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Anaheim Firearms Training

Anaheim Firearms Training

Anaheim Firearms Training is a local private and small group training company. If you live in Anaheim or in the Orange County Area and in need of training we will be happy to help. Our instructors are qualified, certified and bring experience to the table from different related fields.

If you are a beginner you probably have questions about firearms, we will be happy to answer your questions in person.

One of the most common questions is which firearm should I buy for home defense?

This is an interesting question because it really depends on more than just one factor.

for example, is it only for home defense or also for hunting or home defense and CCW?

Many of these we can address in a one on one consultation or at a range. One of the best things we herd was the following saying about purchasing your first gun:

"Buy it once and buy it right"

Do not make the mistake that so many already have in the past. It is not recommended to buy something without research, understanding and if possible at all trying and comparing at a safe range. If you are not sure, you can rent a firearm from a local range that has an RSO Range Safety Officer on duty.

Another aspect of firearms training to consider is the basics of first aid. Knowing how to act in a stressful situation can help you stay calm. With the responsibility of owning a firearm comes the responsibility of knowing the following; Basic first training, training with your firearm and seriously considering insurance.

Firearms insurance for Anaheim residents or Orange Count residents is another important aspect of responsible gun ownership. Although there is much to talk about, in this post there are three things we really want Anaheim residents to think about in terms of firearms training and potential ownership:

1) Buy it once and buy it right

2) At a minimum get basic firearm's and first aid training

3) Consider having firearms insurance

Contact Us

Barmak Firearms Training

Address: 418 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

Please call to book a private or small group session: (714) 694-3504

Hours of operation:

Monday 10AM–6:30PM

Tuesday 10AM–6:30PM

Wednesday 10AM–6:30PM

Thursday 10AM–6PM

Friday 10AM–6PM

Saturday 10AM–6PM

Sunday 10AM–6PM

Find us on Google:

Some helpful local driving links:

If you are interested in a one on one training session please contact us ahead so we can schedule and get everything set up!

Additional information for firearm's training in Orange County Anaheim CA.

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