Brea Firearms Training

We are a local Orange County firearms training company working with new and intermediate students from Brea CA. If you just purchased a new firearm or if you are in the process of doing some research, we would recommend giving us a call for a free fifteen minute consultation.

One of the biggest mistakes new owners make is purchasing a firearms without understanding understanding it.

How does it recoil?

Is it comfortable?

Is it practical?

Is it for a sporting need or for a self defense need?

A second mistake is not knowing how to use the firearm after purchase and simply locking it away. This is a common practice by many. Ownership comes with great responsibility and when an owner neglects to train, the consequences may be great.

We offer practical and yet important training for small groups and individuals.

Some of out firearm's related classes in Brea CA include but are not limited to:


Stop The Bleed


Red Dot


Dry fire movement

There are many options to choose in terms of a firearm for defensive purposes, unfortunately

for majority, quality training does not take place as stated earlier. We encourage all responsible individuals to get the training that they need.

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Barmak Firearms Training

Address: 418 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

Please call to book a private or small group session.

Hours of operation:

Monday 10AM–6:30PM

Tuesday 10AM–6:30PM

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Thursday 10AM–6PM

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Sunday 10AM–6PM

(714) 694-3504

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