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How Hard Is It To Get A CCW in Orange County

Getting a CCW in Orange County is a process. I remember when I applied for my permit it took about five months. However, all though the process may change over time, depending on laws or other factors, the following information is a general guide. So how hard is it to get the permit?

The following link is directly form the source:

The first question to ask is are you eligible for a permit in the first place? Just because you apply for a permit to carry does not mean that you automatically get it. The "good moral character" is a big part of the process. Because a background check will be performed, if there are any negative impacting issues brought up from the past, this may hinder a positive outcome. Much will be dependent on the California Penal Code section 26160.

Note: The author of this blog can not speak on all elements of good moral character, however, prior to applying, it is wise to ask if you have firearms insurance. Also, perhaps you already went through the process as an outside resident with a state like Arizona. Having insurance and being approved by another state prior to CCW application in Orange County does not guarantee that a permit will be issued. However, it shows steps that a responsible firearms owner may want to consider.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding insurance and or the Arizona Application process or Reputable Insurance.

Another question is Are you a full time resident of Orange County? If you do not physically reside in the county, this may or may impact the status of application. Does The applicant meets residence requirements? You will be asked for documentation. Usually more than one proof of a utility bill like electricity and water. These bills must be sent directly by mail from the utility company and have your name on it with the address. Do not be surprised if a paperless print out or another form of bill is not accepted.

The application process is straight forward. you will need to register online here to start:

The following documents will be asked for:

Required Documents for Orange County CCW :

  • Valid California Driver’s License or ID Card if you do not possess a CA Driver's License

  • Proof of OC Residency – At least two (2) of the following documents showing your current address in Orange County (Utility bill, Lease/Rental Agreement, Telephone Bill, Tax Bill, etc.)

  • DD-214/Orders (Military only)

  • Certificate of Naturalization, Green Card and/or Passport (If you were born outside the United States)

  • Additional documents may be requested at the discretion of the application processor.

As you go through the process there will be fees for processing and that information can be located in the link above.

It is also important to go through a verified vendor for your CCW training certificate. Some local Orange County CCW schools have an 8 hr training and others have 16 hrs. Most likely the certification will be issued by an NRA instructor. On a personal note, I wish I had that certification prior to applying.

The certified training instructor will also check your firearm or firearms that you are looking to have on file when you are going though the certified training. They will check your guns for safety, proper function and verify them. If you go through the process, the carry permit will list the firearms you can legally carry. If you have more than one firearm that you want to qualify with and have on your license, its worth taking note if you do it on the same day. Adding other firearms to your license is a process that also takes time and approval if you do it on a separate occasion.

During the 2020 events, the interview portion was conducted online. If this changes or has changed, the interview process is to be done once again in person.

As laws change verify if a good cause letter is a necessary part of the application process.

to reach the Orange County Sheriff's Department/CCW Licensing Unit call or email them.

(714) 834-7229

So if we go back to the original question, How hard is it to get a CCW permit in Orange County CA, the answer is not so simple. For some it may be a very difficult process and take time for clarification. For others it is mainly a waiting game after all the paperwork has been submitted. Beast advice we can provide is to be patient and provide all the required paperwork. Unfortunately many new applicants are in the process, the more people in line the longer you will have to wait.

Note: A responsible firearms owner, especially a CCW holder should consider ongoing training. Be it general classes or private instruction. If you live in Orange County consider giving us a call for firearms training (714) 694-3504.


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