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How To Get A Firearm Safety Certificate

Prior to purchasing a firearm in CA, one of the steps is passing an FSC test. The test is available at many locations that sell firearms. For example, if you are looking to purchase a gun at a place like Turner's, you can take the test at the store location. Its' suggested that you call ahead to confirm this information. Sometimes, the location may be busy or they stop testing at a certain time of the day. The DOJ Certified Instructor can provide you with the test. The fee for the test is $25 dollars.

Note: If you do not have an FSC Card, You can not purchase a firearm.

One of the biggest questions is how to study for the test?

You can study and download the study material here:

What if I do not pass the test?

You can come back again to take the test 24 hrs later.

Are there Other Firearms Safety Certificates and training?

There are additional educational training programs and certificates that are recommended for those who are responsible and want to continue their education.

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