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La Habra Firearms Training

We are now happy to offer La Habra CA residents additional firearms training solutions. If you need a refresher or if you are brand new to the field we will be happy to answer your questions. One of the most basic training and consultations we offer is an introductory firearms course at a local indoor range. If you do not own a firearm but in the process of doing research, we have a step one training available. In step one you can try different solutions. If you find something that works, we can proceed with your training.

A great thing about La Habra is that it is local to many locations where you can train. Also, our instructors offer unique experiences and backgrounds. Regardless of where you might be in your training, we will be happy to provide solutions. Our two most popular classes at the moment are Irons 101 and Red dot 101.

Irons 101 is a private training where we go over the basics of a standard pistol.

Red Dot 101 is a private training where we go over the basics of a standard pistol with a red dot aiming system.

If you have any questions contact us for more details: Contact

Barmak Firearms Training

Address: 418 E Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832

Please call to book a private or small group session: (714) 694-3504

Hours of operation:

Monday 10AM–6:30PM

Tuesday 10AM–6:30PM

Wednesday 10AM–6:30PM

Thursday 10AM–6PM

Friday 10AM–6PM

Saturday 10AM–6PM

Sunday 10AM–6PM

Find us on Google:

Additional information for firearm's training in Orange County Anaheim CA.

Helpful driving directions for la Habra locals:


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