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Orange County Firearms Training

What are some of the services offered by Barmak Firearms Training in Orange County?

Orange County Firearms Training: Private Sessions

Orange County Firearms Training is a top-rated local firearms school. The Primary focus is on private defensive training.

What are some of the most popular services?

1. We highly recommend the free 15-minute consultation over the phone. This is a great option for someone who is not a firearms owner and is looking to purchase their first firearms. This service is also great for a new firearms owner. We will be happy to talk to you free of charge.

2. Pistol Irons 101: The majority of first-time pistol firearms owners start out with irons. We go over the basics at a local indoor range. Admission is included. You just need your firearm and ammo.

3. Pistol Red Dot 101 Training: The Red dot is a fairly new feature that is taking the firearms community by storm. Understanding the basics improves the shooters ability to aim in most cases.

4. Stop the Bleed. We have a basic and an advanced version of this training. In todays world, this is a training that may one day save a life

5. Private Dry Fire training. This is an affordable training that is designed to practice defensive shooting scenarios from different positions. Once you understand the basics, the dry fire practice can be implemented on a live range.

6. CCW dry fire training is designed to practice from concealment. Step one is to practice, practice, practice. Step two is implementing the practice on an open range.

Learn the saftey and basics in a private one one one training or small group format.
Orange County Firearms Training located in Fullerton

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