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Red Dot Training Orange County

Red Dot Training is not some fad. It is a sighting system that works very well if the end user is properly trained. All though some are still skeptical about adding a red dot to their pistol, from what we have seen thus far, it is a superior system if the training and understanding of the concept is applied.  Some of our instructors believed in the iron sight approach for many years until they tried the red dot. I can comfortably say that no one has gone back to the use of iron sights.

One of the reasons it works so well is because the eyes and the brain does not have to constantly go through the gymnastics of aiming between the iron sights and the target. The red dot frees up assessment time and allows the end user to acquire on target faster. This alone is very helpful when assessing what is in front.

Another reason for training with a red dot is the ability better see at night or in the dark when acquiring a potential target. The overwhelming majority of encounters happen at night. These facts are backed and researched. With the red dot, it’s easier to focus. All though some may argue that iron sights are still better, we invite you to a private training session with us in Orange County so you can better understand the application.


One of the negatives about the aiming system that turns some users away is simple. An incorrect or poorly manufactured sight is selected. A good development in recent years has been the HOLOSUN as an example. It is tested, priced fairly, and comes with shake awake technology.  If you have more questions about Red Dot Training in Orange County, please contact us.

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