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One of our local programs for first time firearm owners and or those who are thinking about purchasing their first firearm is called First Steps. This program is designed to cover some basics and provide a general reference point. Usually in this program we work with one or two students at a time.  Below we will address some questions that are common.

Which Firearm Should I Buy?

This is one of the most common questions and we are happy to answer if for you. You see, a big mistake that many first time or to be owners make is purchasing a firearm without ever trying it out or simply because someone generally made a recommendation based on limited knowledge. We believe in the mantra of “ buy it once and buy it right.”

The second clarification to this question is to understand if the gun is designed for home defense, for example a shotgun. If it’s a shotgun, which one and why? Or perhaps something smaller that may also be designated in a similar manner but with the possibility of a CCW implementation down the road.  This is just one of the reasons why we recommend the First Steps program.

In the training, you can use a training tool to better understand what may or may not work for you and we will be happy to explain the pros and the cons. Also, the indoor range rents out firearms to try. This is great way to try it before you buy it.

What do we go over in class?

For the first steps program, we focus on general SAFTEY, Firearms Basics, Pros and cons of a firearm based on the context, and a tourniquet application. Usually, the tourniquet portion is usually not taught in a general class. However, because many do not frequent firearms training as often as they like, some additional safety information like the application of a tourniquet is very important knowledge to have.  The second portion of training is at a local indoor shooting range. This is where we apply some of the basics learned in class.  As much as we would like to go directly to the range, we believe that for safety reasons it is important to first cover the basics.

How do I get my CCW?

A concealed weapons permit requires some steps and training. If you live in Yorba Linda Orange County or surrounding areas, we can point you in the right direction to get the application process started. We can also answer your questions about insurance and other states that issue permits to nonresidents like Utah, and Arizona.

Where do you do the firearms  training?

Our classroom is in OC. All though we instruct classes at different locations around the southern California area,  we primarily do instruction at a local indoor range located near Yorba Linda. Some classes with multiple students may be conducted at another local outdoor range.

Is firearms training expensive?

This is an excellent question because training is not something many of us get enough off. However, once a basic foundation has been established there are two options that are popular. The first option is to refresh with a private session. These are tailored specifically to the student. The ammo count can be lowered or increased based on the students. The second option is the Orange County Dry Fire Club. Dry fire training is specifically designed for working without ammo.  Actually, it is a requirement. Dry fire is a way to save some money and connect with others. To find out more please contact us so we can answer your questions. Dry fire training is limited to small groups.


What should I have for dry fire?

There is more than one answer to this question, however we can address the basics. First and foremost, if you ever do dry fire training, be sure that there is no live ammo anywhere in the area.

  1. Primary training pistol or firearm

  2. Three spare magazines

  3. Belt (optional)

  4. Laser bullet

Laser bullet helps if you also purchase a laser activated target. Some individuals like to train with a laser activated target because it lets them know if they are on target.  Another option that is not as practical but is interesting is scenario-based simulations. This introduces real life elements into the training.

What is Red Dot Firearms Training?  

Training with a Red Dot takes some practice. However, there are many benefits if the user understands the fundamentals. For one, The eyes do not have to do gymnastics when aiming. Secondly, its useful in low light environments. According to the FBI  over 80 percent of law enforcement engagements happen at night. The red dot makes it fart more practical in terms of orienting sights. If you are interested in learning more, check out our intro to RED DOT.  We will be happy to answer additional questions.

What’s the best way to schedule a training session?

If you are not sure what training direction to start off with, please contact us first. After that you can either choose to train based on the open schedule, or we can set up a private indoor training firearms session.  We understand that some of you may want to bring other people. Please let us know ahead of time. In the state of California, we do not train anyone under the age of twenty-one.

Do I get a Certificate of training?

If you are in the First Steps training,  upon successful completion we will provide or email you with a certificate. If you go through one of our NRA or USCCA programs, certificates will be provided upon successful completion of the class. In order to have a certificate level one from private training, a total of 8 hours must be completed. A level two certificate of training requires thirty-two hours.

What should I bring for a private one on one session?

If this is your first session, we understand that you may not yet have the necessary equipment. Usually, we ask you bring the following:

Handgun and at least 100 rounds of ammunition

California Driver’s License or ID card

Hearing Protection

Eye Protection

Lunch and snacks if you wish. ( Depending on the training and class)

Note: In the state of California we do not train anyone under the age of 21.

Yorba Linda Firearms Training

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